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Rainbow Chakra Anklet - Limited Edition

Rainbow Chakra Anklet - Limited Edition

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These beautiful sterling silver anklets are a work of art from our artisans!  The hand made "tennis" style chain features 80 (yes 80) semi precious stones (see stone list below). The rainbow coloured gems are mounted in an order that follows the chakra colour system.  Chakras are 7 points in the body that help our body and mind work at their best. These points can become blocked through physical or emotional stress, these specific semi precious stones are said to help release these blocks enabling your energy to once again flow freely 

  •  22k Gold plated (1 micron) or sterling silver
  • ✩ 100% recycled sterling silver base (92.5)
  •  Hallmarked 
  •  Hand mounted semi precious stones:
  • ⟢ Red (root chakra) - Garnet
  • ⟢ Orange (sacral chakra) - Carnelian
  • ⟢ Yellow (solar plexus) - Citrin
  • ⟢ Green (heart chakra) - Peridot
  • ⟢ Blue (throat chakra) - Blue Topaz
  • ⟢ Indigo (third eye chakra) - Lapiz Lazuli
  • ⟢ Purple (crown chakra) - Amethyst

  •   Anklet length is 9.5" with a chain extender to 11.5", made to fit most people at a low level underneath the ankle bone. 
  •  Hand made by Fairtrade artisans in India
  • ✩ 10% of all sales go directly to our partnered children's charities in India
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