Giving Back

I wanted to tell you a bit about how Rize started.  In 2014 my family and I moved to India for work.  With our nearly 3 year old son in tow, we moved from London to Bangalore.  India was not new to us, but parenthood was, so we moved with a little trepidation.  It didn't take long for us to fall madly in love with all that India has to offer.  The landscape, the people, the food, the festivals, the craziness you experience just walking down the traffic filled streets.

One thing is for certain, all life is visible in India, the good, the bad and the ugly.  For all the amazing sights you see, you cannot avoid the ever present reality of impoverished people struggling with daily life.  Slum areas reside next door to wealthy neighborhoods, women beg for change with babies strapped to their backs and children wander through traffic selling anything for a few rupees.

A local friend of mine regularly gave an astonishing amount of his salary every month to support three orphaned children.  He once told me that he felt compelled to help, as his father had said just before he died "we all must share".   That simple sentence really struck me, so I decided to look into volunteering. 

I started visiting two children's charities, Jagruthi and Freedom Foundation.  Both housed and educated children, some HIV positive, some orphans, all from heartbreaking poverty.  I tried my best to raise money for them and with help from friends, conducted classes for yoga and art and "stay safe" workshops for vulnerable kids.  I once found myself speaking to a young girl about how she was coping with moving on from a horrific abuse ordeal she endured a few years ago involving family members.  I tried my best to hide my disbelief and ensure her that she was safe and would not have to endure that situation again.  The children's humility and resilience was life changing for me and I vowed to myself there and then that I would always share whatever I could.

Rize was born out of a love for India and a need to help these kids.  In India, if you are born into poverty is it very difficult to escape it.  Lack of education, health issues, a repressive caste system and lack of support from the government, all go against the poor attempting to better their lives.

10% of each Rize sale goes directly to our partnered children's charities in India, Jagruthi Trust and The Freedom Foundation.  Jagruthi run a school in an impoverished area, home care centres for orphans who have lost parents through HIV or are infected with HIV themselves and health clinics.  The Freedom Foundation also run a home for HIV infected or affected children, providing healthcare and access to education.  10% of the money you pay for your jewellery helps these two essential charities care for and educate children.  This helps give them a chance to rize out of poverty and change their futures. 

Thank you,

  • Yoga with the children of The Freedom Foundation

  • Sports Day with the children of Jagruthi Trust