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Rize Vintage Jewellery

Our vintage jewellery has been hand sourced by our very own hands in Jaipur, India.  Each piece is around 60 years old and is unique, no two pieces are the same.
After being selected, jewellery is then taken to our gold plater, also in Jaipur, who plates each and every item in a hefty 2.5 microns of 18k gold.  

As our pendants are vintage, the silver purity varies from 83% to over 92.5% and is hallmarked accordingly on each piece by an assay office (precious metal purity testing centre).  The high grade silver is mixed with a small amount of other metals, as 100% pure silver is too soft to use for jewellery.  We have all our jewellery tested to confirm that no harmful metals like nickel and cadmium are contained within the jewellery.  This testing is carried out in both India and Cyprus to conform to European jewellery testing standards.   

Each pendant comes with a gold vermeil necklace chain and 50mm chain extender, that has also been plated in India by expert platers with 2.5 micron, 18 karat gold.  The chain extenders enable you to adjust the length of the chain to suit whatever you are wearing.

We hope you enjoy wearing your unique jewellery that gives back to others! 
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